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Soybean outlook

Friday WASDE hints trade spat “hangover”

Friday WASDE hints trade spat “hangover” to cost soy producers .68/bu. on 2019 crop. It was mostly a grim picture for the corn, wheat and soybean outlook in USDA’s first look at the supply/demand balance sheets for 2019 crops in…
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Here is what China’s “bait” for a trade deal could be worth to soybean farmers

The ongoing trade spat with China has soybean prices in a coma. They have dangled tempting “bait” for a deal with a promise to buy 5 million tons of U.S. beans if resolution on trade can be reached. What would…
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First look at WASDE WIZARD ® 2019-20 corn/soybean price outlook after Friday “stock shock” and three possible weather scenarios

There are really only 2 possible explanations for the 138 million bu. surprise in Friday’s Sept. 1 corn stocks report. Either the 2017 crop was bigger than USDA’s final estimate last January or feed usage has been smaller than USDA’s…
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WASDE Wizard® Perspective on September WASDE Numbers

WASDE WIZARD ® Perspective on September WASDE Numbers: Why a second MFP payment to soybean producers will depend more on political calculations than actual economic impact of lost exports. For soybeans, WASDE changes make 2nd USDA grower payment unlikely. The…
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