Bare Knuckles Ag ™

About Me

Hello, I’m Dan Manternach,

I am a business writer and agricultural economist who has been an executive with four of the top ag consulting firms in the world over my 40-year career. I now have my own business in custom research and presentations tailored to my clients’ specifications, target audiences and desired “takeaways”.

I call my blog “Bare Knuckles” because I offer gloves-off analysis and commentary on timely topics with implications for every link in the food chain from “field to dinner plate”– input suppliers to farmers, commodity buyers and even food consumers! And by gloves-off, I mean they won’t include the usual CYA “padding” of background and build-up. I’ve heard many variations of clients telling me “I want less of how it came to be and more of what it means to ME!”  One mentor put that even more succinctly: “If a client just wants to know what time it is, don’t waste his time explaining how your watch works!”

I may be so blunt challenging the “conventional wisdom” on important topics that it may come across as too brusque, or even arrogant. That’s never my intent. It’s just that what I have so frequently learned myself and taught to others: “It’s often not what we don’t know that hurts us the most in life and business – it’s what we think we know that isn’t true!” Have your own “bare knuckles” issue to share or something you’d like me to investigate, support or pick apart? Let me have it!

Please visit my website at for more information on how I can help with your research and/or speaking needs!